The Emissary G CC

Thousands of years ago, a small team of aliens built The Colony––a secret space station orbiting the Sun. Thirty-thousand humans live there. They are called The Emissary. Jim (Tim Erskine), a curious engineer and scientist, is beginning to learn mindfulness mediation, and drags two of his friends into the woods for a sunset “awareness” walk. They accidentally meet a mysterious spaceman named Koyper (Peter Ciesla), who has travelled to Earth from The Colony. His mission: DEACTIVATE A LOST ALIEN POWER GENERATOR BEFORE IT EXPLODES…but get in a round of mini-golf, eat ice-cream for the first time and drive go-karts while he’s at it.

Peter Ciesla, Paul Erskine, John Wilson, Pat Palmer, Kay Allmand, Joel Kersebet, Mark Moede
99 minutes


Experience all of your favorite Door County places with heartwarming laughter for the whole family!

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